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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ohio Crash Report has typically been revised every 5-10 years. A federal mandate that becomes effective in April of 2019 requires mandatory changes to state crash report forms. The State of Ohio could potentially lose millions in federal funding if these changes are not been implemented. The changes include classification of injury severity in the crash. The changes are current with Model Minimum Uniform Standards (MMUC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Other changes were made based upon current traffic and safety trends.

Option 1 – The Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) offers a free software program, Ohio Law Enforcement Information System (OLEIS), which houses an electronic crash, citation, case and call log. This program will be available with the new OH-1 report on January 1, 2019. Your forms can be submitted electronically or the electronic copy can be printed and disseminated as needed. Contact the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (contacts listed on letter) for more information. We can also assist with installation and training.

Option 2 – You may revert to a paper crash report until your vendor’s system is compliant. Although not a preferred option, the paper report of the new OH-1 is available for order as of mid-December. This form can still be submitted to ODPS for manual entry.

If using OLEIS, the new software will be available at midnight on 12/31/18. All 2018 crashes which are pending completion CAN be submitted on the 2019 form. The Department of Public Safety will accept 2018 crashes on the 2018 paper form until 03/31/19; however, this should only occur for those crashes which were started in 2018 and not completed or approved by the close of business on 12/31/18. All 2019 crashes MUST be submitted on the 2019 form, whether paper or electronic.

If using a 3rd party vendor, contact your vendor to determine how they plan to implement the new OH-1. This will vary from vendor to vendor.

All 2018 supplements submitted after 12/31/18 MUST be submitted on a 2019 form.

If your department just went through an upgrade for the Driver Record Retrieval System (DRRS), you won’t need to do anything. If not, you will need to contact the Service Desk to make certain you are using the most current version of OLEIS at servicedesk@dps.ohio.gov. The IT staff will need to update the batch job settings via remote login which will only take approximately 15 minutes.

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